Community Apply Instructions

Step by Step Guide

1. Click "APPLY NOW" to be a part of Oulac Community

2. Enter your Instagram handle or log in with your dovetale account 

Make sure you type in the exact username of your Instagram account or you cannot verify your account later.

3. Fill in your personal information

4. Choose and fill with your answers to the survey

5. Go to check with your email!

6. Verify your email, click"Finish your  application"

7. Connect your Instagram account

8. Log in your instagram

9. "Allow" your instagram to sharing information about Oulac Community

10. Your application is compeleted, wait for approval.

11. Received your accepted email,click"Join our community"

12. Create your Dovetale account

13. Check your affiliate information

14. "Claim" your gift

15. Choose your favorite product

16. Confirm your chosen products, and click "Next: shipping address"

17. Fill in your accurate shipping address, and click "Finish & Redeem"

18. Claimed your gift successfully, and check order number.

19. Your gift has been redeemed.

20. You have finished your order.


  • Anna

    Ho ancora la mail di approvazione in sospeso, quando saprò qualcosa?

  • Fatiha

    Salve vorrei unirmi a voi adoro la beuty routine

  • Francesca

    Gradirei provare i vs prodotti ma
    Sono un soggetto allergico. Potrei ricevere prima dei campioni?
    Giustizieri Fra’
    Via Jannozzi 38
    20097 San Donato Milanese (Mi)

  • Majlinda

    Vorrei far parte della vostra community

  • Roberta

    Salve vorrei far parte della vostra community 🤗

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