Guide from Oulac to the Natural Makeup trend

When it comes to makeup trends this summer, natural beauty has taken mainstream culture by storm. Heavy foundations and eyeliners are being exchanged for lighter and cleaner looks. While this might make your daily makeup routine sound easier than ever, creating a natural look ala current trend takes a delicate hand and the right products to pull off well. In our latest blog post, we look into the natural makeup hype and give you the ultimate guide for creating your own looks featuring some of our favourite Oulac Cosmetics products.

What is natural makeup?

Natural makeup, or no-makeup-makeup as it is commonly coined, is the act of creating looks that highlight a person’s natural features rather than cover them. This means ditching heavy contouring and sets of fake lashes and opting instead for a layering of products that mimics the natural shades and tones of someone’s skin. The natural makeup trend has boomed throughout summer and is showing no signs of slowing down. When looking to incorporate a more natural makeup routine into your beauty regimen, there are certain steps you should follow for a seamless look. Read on below for some of our top natural makeup tips and favourite products for a clean and natural face:

The guide to achieving a natural makeup look

Keep the base light

  • One of the key steps when creating a natural makeup look is a light and fresh base. 
  • This means ditching heavier coverage, mattifying foundations and instead opting for a light bb cream or going in with some detail concealing where you need it. 
  • By going with a lighter base you allow your skin to shine through and create a glow that is at the core of the natural makeup trend. 
  • The Oulac Cosmetics Stay Real Sculpting Concealer is perfect for concealing under the eyes and naturally covering any blemishes or marks.

Only use powder where you really need it

  • Crafting a natural makeup look is all about keeping things radiant and glowy. 
  • This means taking it lightly with powder products, if you choose to use them, including setting powder. 
  • You may find when using cream products that you do need to add a little powder to avoid the dreaded “greasy” look. 
  • This is especially true if your skin is on the oilier side. Instead of heavily applying setting powder and mattifying the face, only apply in the areas you really need it. 
  • This may be the T-zone or over places you've added concealer. 
  • We recommend using our Misty Filter Loose Powder which is a superfine and weightless setting powder that works perfectly for natural makeup looks. 
  • Not only this, but it also has soft-focus properties to help your skin look flawless and radiant. 

Opt for cream products

  • When looking to create a natural makeup look, everything needs to appear very seamless. 
  • Products should blend into each other and appear as natural flushes and tones of colour like you aren’t really wearing any makeup at all! 
  • The best way to do this is by using cream products. Try a cream blush and highlight applied with your hands in colours that compliment your skin tone. 
  • A great tip is using one product in multiple places for the ultimate seamless effect. 
  • For example, you could use our Crystal Drop Highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones for a radiant glow, but also take it slightly over the eyelids. 
  • This will help to create the appearance of the happy, healthy, and dewy skin that’s key in any natural makeup look.

Embrace a natural brow

  • Show some love to your natural brows for a clean makeup look. 
  • This trend is all about embracing a bushy and messy brow, so cast aside those heavy pomades and pens.
  • Instead, delicately add some volume to your brows with the Oulac Cosmetics Brow and Eye Perfecting Finishing Compact
  • This weightless and natural brow kit will allow you to craft clean and bushy brows, adding more definition to the face. Finish off with a light brow gel to keep the hairs in place all day long.

Take it easy on the eye makeup

  • With natural makeup looks, you’ll be needing to leave the shimmer eyeshadows and thick liners out of your kit. 
  • Instead, create subtle washes of colour with delicate earth tones that compliment your eyes. 
  • Cream products are another great addition here, use one of our Cream Eyes Eyeshadow stick across your lid and blend well for a gently defined eye look.

Go for a subtle flush of colour on the lips

  • Lipstick is essential in any makeup routine to tie the whole look together, and this is no exception when it comes to natural makeup. 
  • Instead of defining with heavy liner, take a gentle nude wash of colour over your lips to brighten the face and add some definition. 
  • We love our Oulac Cosmetics Metallic Shine Lipsticks to create a luscious, natural pout. 
  • Hot tip: the shade Cosmopolis is the perfect “your lips but better” colour!
No matter what your natural makeup goals are, Oulac Cosmetics has all the products you need to refresh your makeup kit. 

Let us help you glow on the outside (and the inside!) by taking a browse through our selection of high-performance makeup products on our website today.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out product testimonies from our loyal customer base who simply can’t get enough of Oulac Cosmetics.

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