Gel Nail Polish Base Coat & No Wipe Top Coat Set - Oulac Cosmetics
Gel Nail Polish Base Coat & No Wipe Top Coat Set - Oulac Cosmetics
Gel Nail Polish Base Coat & No Wipe Top Coat Set - Oulac Cosmetics
Gel Nail Polish Base Coat & No Wipe Top Coat Set - Oulac Cosmetics

Conjunto de capa base de esmalte de uñas de gel y capa superior sin toallitas

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  • Juego de capa base y superior de gel Oulac:incluye una capa base brillante y una capa superior sin toallitas. No es necesario limpiar la capa superior con un limpiador, el esmalte de uñas en gel de capa superior brillante Oulac está listo para usar tan pronto como se haya curado.
  • Acabado brillante:la capa base Oulac y el esmalte de uñas en gel de capa superior se empapan y brindan un acabado brillante increíble a cada manicura. Combina perfectamente con esmalte de uñas en gel en diferentes colores y diferentes patrones.
  • Curado bajo lámpara LED UV:la capa base y la parte superior de gel Oulac requieren curado bajo lámpara LED UV para uñas en 2 minutos, lámpara LED en 30/60 segundos (24 W/48 W).
  • Vegan Friendly & Cruety-Free:Los productos de esmalte de uñas en gel Oulac son y siempre serán libres de crueldad animal, nunca se prueban en animales y están hechos de resina natural pura.
  • Úselo perfectamente con el esmalte de uñas en gel Oulac:la capa base Oulac y la capa superior sin toallitas se usan perfectamente para el diseño de arte de uñas que se basa en el esmalte de uñas en gel Oulac.

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Esmalte de uñas de gel Oulac

Tus uñas son el broche final a tu look de belleza. Acabado tipo cristal y colores superiores. Encuentra el tuyo.

Saludable y seguro

Resina inofensiva, NO TÓXICA, respetuosa con el medio ambiente, de alta calidad, de bajo olor.

Sobre la marca OULAC

La cartera de productos de OULAC Cosmetics consta de diferentes formulaciones, acabados y tonos, para una apariencia impecable sin productos químicos innecesarios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Anonymous (Los Santos de Maimona, ES)

I love them, I have tried several brands and with this one for now I am happy, especially with not having to clean at the end, I have started to look at them for the next ones to buy them here

Alicia B.L. (Madrid, ES)

It's exactly what I need to get my nails done.

Jorde T.

The gel is amazing and soooooo easy to use!!!

Paige Y. (Hedgesville, US)
It's okay, but could be better.

I'm not sure I care for this set. The base coat, and top coat both seem to be oily. It didn't work well with any of my polishes. It made them slide around, and off. Now the top coat alone, after the polish is dry worked fine. Left them very pretty and shiny. I've tried these several times, with several different polishes over the course of like 2 months. I really wanted these to work, because the top coat really made the polish just stand right out. If the formula was redone, these would probably be perfect. But, unfortunately they didn't work for me. Unless it was the top coat, and that's after the polish was dry for quite a while. I will say I do love the packaging, and they were very easy to use. The pictures of the darker blue is just with the top coat. The others are with both. They honestly looks great in the pictures. However the teal and pink color doesn't look good in person, it's all over the place.

Hi, Thanks for your feedback, maybe you need to cure the Base Coat under the LED lamp for longer time, over 60 seconds.

Yadira R. (Chicago, US)

I really liked very good quality, fast drying and shine.

Renisha V. (Matthews, US)
Highly recommended!

I love this top coat made my nails look so nice!

Angela R. (Kalamazoo, US)

I really like this top and base coat nail gel. Makes my nail color last so much longer without chips!

Anonymous (Logansport, US)
Highly recommended!

I really liked this set. I couldn't cure them so mine didn't dry right. However, I absolutely loved the shine and how easy it was to apply! The bottles are cute, looks like something you'd buy at a high end store! Definitely a great product. Can't wait to get the right item I need to cure it!

Lakinya d. (Farmingdale, US)

The box it came in is pretty looks more expensive than it is the bottle are nice doesn't look cheap I really like

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