Your Beauty Statement

100% Safe Materials.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • Meet OULAC Cosmetics

    OULAC Cosmetics born from society’s demand to become more and more conscious about health, lifestyle and environmental choices.

    With respect to the environment and customer safety, we produce innovating products without compromising our commitment to animal welfare, safety regulations and environmental protection, providing a better World for all.

    OULAC Cosmetics make-up collection consist different formulations, finishes and shades, for a flawless look without unnecessary chemicals.

    High-performing formulas for beautiful finish. Quality pigments. Intensive colors. Skin Perfection.

    OULAC empowers women to unveil their unique personality and celebrate beauty of life in all its forms.

    OULAC is not just another brand name, it is a unique proposition for the universal women. We create products for every special you, so unique like you.

    OULAC is more than cosmetics. It’s Your Personal Beauty Statement.

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