The "Barbie" craze swept the world, making people feel a sense of beauty, self-confidence and independence. Today, OULAC has newly launched 5 types of makeup in the Pink Stars series, inspired by Barbie, injecting unlimited imagination into your makeup, allowing you to release the inner Barbie world.

Let's see what products are available:

Sparkling Eyes | Cream Color 

Eye makeup is the key to shaping your personal image. 

The sponge eyeshadow of OULAC Pink Stars series gives you a different eye makeup experience! Gently touch with your hands, you can release rich colors, making your eye makeup full of mystery and fashion. 

During the day, you can create a fresh and natural smoky effect; at night, you can create a dazzling and charming dinner makeup. No matter when and where, the charm of Barbie will be displayed in your eyes as you like.

The beautiful Barbie world is drawn by you!

OULAC's new Pink Stars series is just adhering to the essence and classics of the Barbie craze and incorporating it into every product. Whether you are a fan of Barbie or a young man who enjoys free expression, this series will bring you unlimited creativity and freedom, allowing you to release your true self and illuminate your path to beauty.

Hurry up and become the owner of the OULAC Pink Stars series, and light up your own Barbie makeup world!

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