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Dovetale is now Dovetale by Shopify. As a platform, Dovetale is the interlocking of creators and brands, with an emphasis on the tales they can tell together, a data focused influencer platform for brands that focuses on social media. It works with 500 brands of all sizes from Samsung to small Shopify stores, Oulac Community is one of them. For information security issues, you can visit its website (

"To help you work better with your partners on our platform, we believe in providing full transparency when sharing a partnership. When you partner with companies on the platform and accept invitations, you can easily, and safely share your account posts and insights from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter."

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After you redeem your gift, you will see a page with: the products redeemed, order number (usually is a 4-digit number), the shipment status, the express company and tracking number, and customer information you filled in the system. You can use your order number/tracking number to check your tracking status at : Track Your Orders

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