Discover the Oulac Easter Collection, where shades of pink, purple, and blue come together to capture the essence of the season. Embrace the festive spirit with this delightful range of colors that embody the joy and vibrancy of Easter

As Easter approaches, Oulac is delighted to send you a special Easter Blessings Haul filled with beauty and joy. Unbox our curated selection of products designed to enhance your festive celebrations and bring a touch of magic to your beauty routine. May this Easter haul be a reminder of the beauty and renewal that this season brings. Wishing you a wonderful Easter filled with love, happiness, and colorful moments. Happy Easter from Oulac!

What is the trend for Easter Makeup ?

On Easter day, many families gather for celebrations, painting eggs, and the traditional egg hunt game. Prior to Easter, homes are adorned with decorations to embrace the festive spirit. Easter has always been a colorful holiday, with blue, purple, and pink hues dominating the scene. 

To add vibrancy to oneself and family members, Oulac's Easter Collection is a must-have. Featuring shades of blue and purple, Oulac's star product, Cream Color Eyeshadow, takes the spotlight. Focused on eye makeup, the collection includes the latest spring shades R19 Liac and R16 Mint, along with the popular shade R02 No Burden. Embrace the festive Easter atmosphere with Oulac's collection.

How does Oulac Offer Look Like in Easter?

To celebrate Easter with our cherished customers, we are excited to offer you our Mystery Easter Box containing 3-5 selected products at a special 50% discount. 

Additionally, explore our Easter Bundle featuring shades of Blue and Purple, also available at a discounted rate of 40% off. Join us in embracing the spirit of Easter with these exclusive offers

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